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Moheeni is a highly recognised contemporary artist. Along with illustrating her mandala prints, Moheeni teaches henna inspired art on various surfaces encouraging others to turn this timeless and ancient art into stylish designs for home décor.

Profoundly influenced by both her Indian and British heritage, she incorporates her love for rich and diverse colours, geometric designs, and botanical plants to create harmonious artwork signifying the importance of culture, colour and nature.

As a passionate enthusiast of therapeutic art for mindfulness, Moheeni continues to share her creative and entrepreneurial experiences through her courses for aspiring artists and for those fascinated in challenging their imagination. Her henna inspired art kits aim to encourage others to take time out from their busy schedule for:

* creative thinking

* developing fine motor skills

* managing stress

* improving self-esteem

* self-expression

Moheeni has collaborated with high-profile clients such as Molton Brown working on projects which include painting their Mesmerising Oudh Accord & Gold Gift Sets for their store. Moheeni has participated in live painting demonstrations within her community raising awareness of the importance of creative activities to improve overall mental health and wellbeing.

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If you would like to collaborate on a project to create something unique and aesthetically pleasing, fill in our contact form and we will get back to you to discuss this in more detail.


Join our 1-1 Henna art training courses to learn about henna, the application and design process as well as an insight into becoming your own entrepreneur within the creative industry. All courses can be tailored according to your requirements.
We also offer group workshops throughout the year, we can come to your venue and all materials are included.


Create your own henna inspired Candles and Tealights or Mandala Canvases at our group workshops either online or in person.

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"I recently attended a Henna workshop with Moheeni and found it to be so peaceful, relaxing and stress-relieving. After having a very stressful and traumatic year I wanted to do something that was creative and helped me to express myself in a creative way. Moheeni guided me through each step in detail and was a fabulous host. She catered to my needs and created a very customised training course for me. I cannot thank Moheeni enough for her ongoing mentoring even after the training which has really cured my fears and confidence when approaching hurdles. I am still continuing my henna practice everyday and it has helped with my stress levels. Thank you again Moheeni"

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