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Ways to get inspired when it comes to art

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

Finding inspiration is truly one of the most interesting things to do as an artist. I’m an observer! I love sitting back and watching the world go by, I’m a nature lover and observing the movement of flowers and trees is one of my favourite ways of reflecting on life, purpose and personal goals. Someone once asked, “where do you get your inspiration for your designs from?” My answer was “everywhere and anything”, as long as it’s colourful and bright I’ll look into it with a magnify glass. It should be something that grabs your attention, even if it goes unnoticed by others. It should call out to you, move you, inspire you to do something with it.

The problem is, that we can be inspired by so much, that where does the inspiration stop! I’ve used so many platforms to see what inspires me, but unfortunately at times I end up spending hours and hours just looking through amazing artwork and designs and then before you know it, my day has finished and it’s 5pm.

I’ve spent the last 5 years working on research, digging deep into what really makes me tick. What makes me feel good about myself, what makes me feel happy and smile inside. These are truly the things that inspire me. I’ve visited the V&A museum, William Morris museum, Van Gogh, Anne Frank, The Design Museum in Amsterdam and many more and I have picked up many ideas to apply to my artwork. But to be honest, over time I realised what really makes my work stand out is going back to my roots, culture and faith and applying that into my work. You’ll see an image below of a purple and gold mandala print I produced based on an old saree I had many years ago. I own many beautiful and elegant Indian outfits, but this outfit was always my favourite. The outfit always made me feel good inside, it made me feel so confident and beautiful (like an Indian goddess). I felt a connection with the patterns, colours and textures of the saree that I applied elements of this to my mandala and gave it a more Indian and bohemian feel.

I’ve realised over time, that of course everything and everyone inspires me especially amazing international artists, but what about those hidden in third world countries that are living in poverty and don’t have a platform to display their best work! That’s part of the reason why I like to go back to my culture and roots as there is so much hidden talent and skill that makes me feel more humbled and at peace with creating something that I can relate to and represents a piece of me.

If you’re someone stuck for inspiration and ideas, go back to who you are, your roots, culture, traditions and beliefs, and I’m sure you’ll find something that really makes you smile that you can recreate in your own style and way.

If you liked my blog, feel free to drop me a comment and let me know what inspires you. You can see more of my work on my social media pages so check it out.

Sending blessings, love and light your way.

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